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Distributed-Power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) For DC Power Expands Membership to 13 Companies with FDK Corp

February 9, 2010

The Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA), a global association dedicated to bringing compatibility and standardization to the DC-DC board mounted power conversion market, today added FDK Corporation to its membership roster. FDK is a global electronic component and battery manufacturer, cultivating and using cutting-edge technologies in areas such as material engineering and high-density mounting.

Akira Kamada, corporate senior executive vice president of FDK, commented, "The DC-DC converter industry in Japan, while serving a substantial domestic market, has evolved in relative isolation from the global mainstream, with little standardization. As a member of DOSA, FDK looks forward to leveraging its extensive domestic experience to promote platform standardization in Japan for the benefit of both customers and members of the alliance."

DOSA was founded in 2004, by Lineage Power and SynQor, to develop standards for DC-DC converters to ensure compatibility and facilitate second sourcing for customers. DOSA carries the mission of establishing standards over a broad range of power converter form factors, footprints, feature sets and functionality for both non-isolated point-of-load (POL) and isolated applications. Alliance members include the two founding member corporations as well as Acbel, Bel Power, Delta Electronics, Emerson Network Power, Ericsson Power Modules, Lambda, Murata Power Solutions, NetPower Technologies, Power-One, and Wall Industries.

"We are excited to add a well-respected manufacturer such as FDK Corporation to the DOSA membership lineup," said Niklas Fallgren, vice president and general manager of Lineage Power's Embedded OEM division. "The market penetration of DOSA worldwide has created such strong customer demand that membership continues to expand-proof the charter for compatible and standardized DC-DC power conversion products is on target and what design engineers truly need."

ABOUT FDK FDK Corporation is a global provider of electronic devices and batteries. FDK�s Power Supply Division designs and manufactures high density and high performance standard board mount DC-DC converters as well as custom AC-DC power supplies and custom DC-DC converters, leveraging 60 years of experience in electronic materials, advanced circuit and thermal design, and high density assembly processes. Most of FDK's SENSEI isolated converters and SENPAI non-isolated converters are DOSA compliant. FDK Corporation headquarters and design centers are located in Japan. FDK has more than 7,000 employees worldwide, with 12 manufacturing sites in Asia, and sales offices in the USA, Germany, China, Korea and Singapore. More information about FDK is available at

ABOUT DOSA The Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) was formed to ensure future DC-DC product compatibility and standardization within the fragmented power converter market. The goal of the alliance is to establish customer interface standards early in the development cycle, which include form factors, footprints, pin-outs, feature sets and other parameters that will permit alternative sourcing. The alliance covers a broad range of power converters including non-isolated (POL), isolated applications, and intermediate bus converters. More information about DOSA is available at

ABOUT Lineage Power Lineage Power Corporation, a Gores Group company, traces its 95+ year heritage of patented innovation to AT&T, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies and Western Electric. The first name in power, Lineage delivers reliable and intelligent power conversion solutions with energy-efficient AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC board-mounted power modules, telecom energy systems, and custom power products backed by local field expertise in 25+ locations worldwide. Designed for decades of non-stop operation, the high-availability DC power conversion solutions enable voice, video and data communications while assuring investment protection, total system efficiency, and significantly reduced total cost of ownership. More information about Lineage hardware, software, services and training is available at

ABOUT SynQor SynQor is a world-class supplier of DC-DC power converters, EMI Filters and AC-DC power supply conversion solutions. Our products are designed to exceed the rigorous quality and performance requirements of today's leading-edge communications, computing, medical, industrial, and military applications. In addition, SynQor offers the lowest total cost of ownership by providing unmatched reliability, service, technical support and manufacturing flexibility. More information about SynQor is available at

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